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Music and the Music Industry

What is Yacht Rock Anyway?
It’s a new term for a type of music that came from the 1970s and has stuck in peoples’ ears ever since.

Downloadable Music and the Flipped Listener Relationship
The difference between vinyl and downloadable and its impact on performers and consumers.

Choosing a Band or a DJ – What to Do?
Anyone tasked with planning an event with music must decide between a band or a DJ. Both have their benefits. Here’s my take.

Band Dynamics

Don’t Wait for Lockdown To Be Over. Your Band Needs You Now
Just because we’re all stuck in lockdown doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. In fact there’s a lot to do. Even if you’re thinking of joining a band, two-thirds of a band’s success comes from things that can be done online.

A Matter of Distance: Why Rehearsing Online Can’t Work
Every musician wants to get back to rehearsing during lockdown using online jamming tools. But latency might be too much of a deal breaker. Here’s a look at our relationship with sound.

The Curious World of In-Ear Monitors
They take some getting used to. Are they worth it?

The Physical Aspect of Rehearsal: Recognition versus Recall:
Why it’s easy to play along to a tune on your player, but not so easy to remember it all when rehearsing.

Forming a Band? – Read a Business Book:
Reading books on management can go a long way to helping a band succeed.

The Ancient Art of Weaving and Band Telepathy:
Great, well-rehearsed bands can rely on each member to carry the tune It’s a type of telepathy, and formed part of a performance style that Keith Richards referred to as the “Ancient Art of Weaving.”

Music Heroes. Pro Musicians

To Be a Fly on the Wall in Genesis’ Studio:
Videocam footage shot by Phil Collins himself reveals the creative writing and recording process for Genesis in 1983 – the pre-digital era!

Paul Shaffer – We’ll be here for the rest of our lives:
A brief look at Paul Shaffer – his autobiography, his current work with Keep the Blues Alive, and the famous  “Shaffer Move.”

Celebrating The Contemporary Youth Orchestra: These kids! They play with some amazing bands, like Yes, Styx and Melissa Etheridge, and they show off the most wonderful love of music.

Remembering Chris Squire: A towering musical figure who brought the bass guitar forward as a melodic and countermelodic instrument. His genius should never be overlooked.

Billy Joel: A Nod and a Wink to 19,000 Friends: Looking back on Billy’s 2014 concert in Toronto. A performer who plays a concert arena like a cocktail bar, with casual conversation, effortless performance, and delightful humility.

Steven Tyler and the Power of Networking: After listening to Tyler’s wonderful autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, I got to thinking, what if Tyler and Perry had not met up in summer camp?

The Passionate Black-and-White World of July Talk: A review of the band from the perspective of two concerts almost a year apart.

Bob Culbertson and the Chapman Stick: An amazing musician playing an amazing instrument.

Why I Admire Performers Like Mariah Carey: Performers have always focused on presenting an image that goes beyond the normal and enhances their mystique, so it’s fascinating when you see one with the courage to appear like everyone else.

What if John Lennon Had Lived? During every major national crisis, including 9/11 and the riots of 2020, I think about his unique and enormous influence.

God Made Me Funky: is a Toronto-area band that does funk right, because they actually look like they are having fun. Here’s what amazed me about them.

Yes, You Can: The Fascinating story of Jon Davison and the coveted lead vocalist role of the ever-touring prog rock band, Yes.

Zappacosta: Our connection to the wonderfully versatile singer. A Canadian treasure.


Those Wonderful Lost-Then-Found Famous Guitars:
A look at Peter Frampton’s lost Les Paul, Myles Goodwyn’s Melody Maker, and of course, George Harrison’s “Lucy”

Using the BOSS Katana 50 in a Live Setting: The BOSS Katana 50 is a lightweight amp with a powerhouse sound and lots on onboard effects through the BOSS Tone Studio. So, is it worth it?

Discovering the Amazing Portable Universe of the iRig and Amplitube: The whole new universe of effects and cabinets available online and through your phone. Quite the experience!

Iconic Places

Walkin’ In Memphis: A place that has music history in every corner.

Ike Turner’s Pantsuit is in Beijing: A brief recount of my visit to the Hard Rock Café in Beijing.


Pink Floyd: The Wall: This remains one of my three favorite movies of all time. I never realized, when watching it in 1980, just how soon society would come around once again to relive Pink’s darkest fantasies.

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