This is a list of my blog posts by category (in progress).

Music and the Music Industry

Downloadable Music and the Flipped Listener Relationship: The difference between vinyl and downloadable and its impact on performers and consumers.

Band Dynamics

The Physical Aspect of Rehearsal: Recognition versus Recall: Why it’s easy to play along to a tune on your player, but not so easy to remember it all when rehearsing.
Forming a Successful Band – Read a Business Book: Books on management can go a long way to helping a band succeed.

Music Heroes. Pro Musicians

Those Wonderful Lost-Then-Found Famous Guitars: A look at Peter Frampton’s lost Les Paul, Myles Goodwyn’s Melody Maker, and of course, George Harrison’s “Lucy”

The Ancient Art of Weaving and Band Telepathy: Great, well-rehearsed bands can rely on each member to carry the tune It’s a type of telepathy, and formed part of a performance style that Keith Richards referred to as the “Ancient Art of Weaving.”

Iconic Places

Walkin’ In Memphis: A place that has music history in every corner.

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